Armored Vehicle Logistics and Scheduling

A family-owned small business with 80 employees, this Cash In Transit provider needed a better way to manage their fleet of armored trucks. They were using old software that was buggy and unreliable. The owner was planning to transfer the company to her son, but needed to shore up operations to ensure a successful transition.

We worked hard to learn how their business operates so we could design an effective new suite of Line of Business applications. We prepared a list of requirements and then a budget and schedule.

They launched their all new software in 2015. The applications manage essential business functions:

  • Managing retail locations and routes on different days of the week

  • Scheduling staff to drive the trucks and handle deliveries

  • Importing data provided by banks to schedule ATM servicing
  • Recording, reporting, and invoicing special orders

Our favorite feature is The Big Board, a giant touch screen installed in the center of their plant. The Big Board connects with their new Line of Business apps and automatically displays up-to-the-minute schedules for every route and every day.