Our Approach

Matterform has comprehensive experience to help in all facets of your business.

VNET Features

Matterform's Core In-house Framework

VNET is the secret behind our applications. Comprised of a strong database framework, and backed by an immense library of PHP scripts, JavaScript and easily customized stylesheets, VNET allows for stronger, more powerful, more secure applications. VNET provides access to powerful tools, while at the same time remaining unrestrained by the limitations often encountered when using third-party libraries. No matter the size or style of your project, VNET adapts to serve you best. At Matterform we embrace the database, and being unafraid can draw out all the power and functionality that database-drive applications can provide. VNET features:

Line of Business Applications

What is a Line of Business Application?

So what is a Line of Business application? It's easy to think of straight up business applications; they're the things that everyone needs: email, calendar, word processing, spreadsheets. A Line of Business application is different. They're something that is unique to your industry, maybe even your company. Designed for you and your needs, they promote maximum efficiency. Everyone deals with people, transactions, logistics. Everyone needs ways of managing records, and handling staff. A comprehensive Line of Business suite can do this all for you.

An automated and agile Line of Business suite allows you to get away from clunky, outdated software, or scores of single function applications. Or even get away from pen and paper systems, from overflowing file cabinets. Specifically tailored for what you need, and without the bloat of everything else you don't, you can run your business the way it should be run--elegantly optimized and prepared for the future.

Project Management

Team Productivity Made Easy

Our team management application makes it easy to maintain productivity by collecting all the elements that go into running projects in one convenient location. More than just your typical productivity application, and far more than just your typical Kanban board approach, our application is a complete project management suite. By smoothly combining multiple functions, reaching maximum productivity potential is easier than ever.


By merging a user interface that makes application use straightforward and painless with full-featured functionality, keeping on track with your business goals is easier than ever.


Protection for You, Your Business, Your Customers

We live in a digital age and all modern business is now conducted digitally. This means typical cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities should be understood, along with the best security practices that should be implemented to protect against them. Utilizing a basic security policy, including good password practices, securing websites and utilizing encryption as a front-line defense, is a good place to start.

Matterform keeps up to date on all the latest security threats and trends. And our familiarity with complying with governmental or organizational cybersecurity requirements means we can get you up to speed quickly and painlessly. We know where to begin, and where to pick up from where your current practices have left off. We'll never let your data fall by the wayside; we take security seriously and your security is our security. When you've protected yourself, your business, and your customers from threats, you can move forward on other endeavors while still having peace of mind.

Secure Messaging

Protecting Confidential Data Transmission

Email and messaging application security is a hot topic these days. Data encryption has become commmonplace, but secure messaging is more uncommon. Oftentimes it's easy to forget, as the bulk of a company's communications are often intracompany, occurring between vetted individuals. However information is still transmitted, and is left vulnerable. And vulnerable means there is the possibility for sensitive information to be intercepted.

Adding secure messaging to your business shouldn't be difficult, and Matterform makes it easy to implement. Utilizing 'end-to-end encryption,' which means that a message is encrypted before it is sent and then decrypted after it is received, allows for strong, safe message transmission. Sensitive information should always be protected, and Matterform makes secure messaging easier than ever with built-in, hassle-free encrypted messaging.

Encryption at Rest

Security Made Easy

You may already be taking steps to secure personal information. But are you protecting that same data in every location it appears--on all hardware, databases, system backups? This is all data at rest, and should be subject to the same security requirements as your data in motion--anything transmitted via networks. Security best practices call for data to be encrypted no matter where it resides. Your data should always stay confidential, and encryption makes it so.

You should always be protecting against misuse, interference, and loss of data, not to mention unauthorized access or modification. Encryption is the best way to do this. Matterform builds encryption into all their applications, systems and databases as general practice. We do the heavy lifting so you don't have to. Don't miss out on this vital layer of defense.

HIPAA Compliance

Why Compliance Matters and Where We Help

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was implemented in 1996. Since then all medical practices, small or large, are held accountable for safeguarding patients' health information.

Compliance begins with a risk assessment, which is written documentation that deals with three basic elements: Threats and vulnerabilities, the level of risk based on the likelihood of exploit and the resulting impact, and a general action plan for each item of concern. Matterform understands what to look for, and after preparing a detailed risk assessment, we schedule remediation according to risk priorities and the client’s budget.

Following the risk assessment, Matterform will outline top priorities. Custom applications, databases, and electronic medical record systems (EMRs) are a great place to start, and are a Matterform specialty. Establishing good cybersecurity practices, message and data encryption, and more can all be part of your affordable plan for compliance.

From the front end to the backend, HIPAA compliance is easily in reach, protecting your practice, and your patients.

For more information on risk assessments and HIPAA compliance, visit hipaa.host.